According to Chris Myers, introverts make great leaders, and being that way inclined myself I would tend to agree! It got me thinking though as to why this is important for EMS companies. Once a potential customer gets past the on-line shopping phase, it still comes down to human relationships to really make a partnership between two (or more) companies work. 

Chris goes on to make the observation that there is 'almost always more to a story than meets the eye', and I find this is often the case when a potential customer approaches an EMS company. The ability to listen and empathise is vitally important in ensuring the EMS really understands what the customer needs. What might at first appear a very simple requirement - e.g. 'make that for me' - might actually demand, or benefit from, a far more complex solution that delivers greater value to both the customer and the EMS provider. 

So, taking things at face value and loudly proclaiming the answer, or telling the customer what they need, is probably not the best way forward. A quieter, more considered approach is much more likely to yield better results!