It's a well-known fact that manufacturing exhibitions and trade shows are a great way of finding new suppliers, developing industry connections and keeping up with the latest trends. But how do you gain the most from them and ensure that your value time away from the office is well spent?

This article by explores a number of ways in which you can attend a trade show and leave feeling accomplished and positive. Susan A. Friedmann suggests the importance of prior planning before any major event you attend, relinquishing you of that daunting feeling upon arrival of... 'where on earth do I start?' 

The article gives advice on what to do whilst you are at the show and how to keep focused on your objectives, so you can engage fully with the ideas and solutions you may be presented with. 

Bright lights, freebies and sales people everywhere can often eat into your valuable time. This article is packed with tips to help avoid those situations, and how to evaluate your findings when you return to the office. 

With Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017, Subcon 2017, Advanced Engineering 2017 and much more coming up in the next few months this article is certainly worth a read to ensure that you and your team get the most from attending any show you currently plan to visit.

Good luck!