So much talk and posturing on Brexit and we have not yet triggered Article 50. Since the decision last June to leave the EU we have constantly been asked what our position is. The answer is simple, in any business, particularly manufacturing,  you can only plan for what you can see, whilst you may attempt to anticipate wisely, in the final analysis you have to react to reality. 

In my opinion, all this wild press speculation is utterly pointless; people popping up from all different business and social arenas to have a go at raising their own petty angles. Fundamentally no one with any sort of procurement training ever revealed their hand in advance of a negotiation, and I'm delighted to see the government 'playing their cards close to their chest'. 

Whether there is 'evidence' of a government plan to address a 'no deal' scenario is I believe not an issue. I'd be far more worried if there was a detailed plan. In my view, that would indicate serious doubts about whether a deal is possible, and again weaken our negotiating position