In this article by ASME they highlight the importance of engineers adopting a LEAN strategy to their working style. The article suggests that not all engineers are familiar with the LEAN techniques aimed at minimising waste output unless they are directly linked with the manufacturing process. That being said a LEAN strategy is not only useful for reducing waste directly in manufacturing. 

In essence, waste is a non-value adding process. If left unnoticed, it can damage reputations and ultimately lead to businesses becoming uncompetitive. This non-value adding process can be found in all departments of a manufacturing facility, from commercial teams to production floors and as suggested by ASME, engineers too. 

The 5 principles of LEAN explored in the article below aim to enhance productivity and create an easier, more organised workspace, to ensure optimal performance for all engineers or colleagues that are working in the area. 

By adopting this strategy across your engineering department, you may start to see many benefits such as less time wasted, a more engaging environment and higher ROI.