This is a very interesting article written by David Mizne in Human Resources Today.

With the increasing battle we face within the manufacturing industry to get the right skills through the door, never more has it been so important to look after these employees once we have them on board. 

In his article, Mizne highlights 7 trends experts believe we can expect to see relating to employee engagement during the rest of 2017. He touches on the gradual shift away from the more 'traditional' annual review to a proactive 'real-time' approach. He highlights the importance of data and how KPIs and other performance metrics will soon be viewed within company-wide dashboards allowing management access to drill down to individual departments and team members at a touch of a button. He also explains the importance of recognition schemes and referring to PWC, illuminates the fact that 41% of millennials prefer to be rewarded or recognized for their work at least monthly, if not more frequently.

Measurement of engagement is critical to business success and only by carrying this out can you fully understand what makes your employees tick and what they seek and strive for whilst working for you. 

So how do you currently measure this? Is an annual satisfaction survey really enough or should we be doing more?  I would be interested in hearing what other businesses are doing and whether you believe there are other trends David has missed out.