Whether you've outsourced your manufacturing to an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider already, or you're still manufacturing in-house, getting new products to market on time is a constant challenge with delays costing time, money and in some cases reputation.

This blog post by tecnova.com introduces 4 common challenges manufacturing companies can run into during the process along with some handy hints on how to overcome them - hooray! 

The article looks at 4 principles including the importance of: 

  1. Prioritising
  2. Scheduling
  3. Allocating sufficent resource
  4. Firming up your technical specifications

So regardless of if you're an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing in-house, or you're currently working with an EMS provider, releasing your new product on-time and in full is imperative to business success. 

By looking in depth at the NPI process and optimising it, you increase the chances of ensuring your product has the smoothest possible route to market.