For anybody submerged in the manufacturing industry, regardless of sector, the identification of change is undeniable. The industry is one that has defined itself through development, advancement, and technology allowing most of us to identify trends and relationships that are paramount to its development. 

The article below, an interview conducted in 1998 by IndustryWeek with Peter F. Drucker - an internationally recognised thought leader in the manufacturing and management industry - is arguably just as relevant now as when first published. The topics discussed, although in relation to a prior period, are more relevant than ever due to the current economic climate, increasing manufacturing automation and the rise of the IoT and Industry 4.0. 

The interview see's Drucker expanding upon his theoretical notions of manufacturing, highlighting the differences, (and their significance) between manufacturing 'products' and 'services'. He goes on to talk about the relationship between manufacturing and the economy, and also how postmodern or 'new' manufacturing has affected traditional manufacturing industries.

This exclusive interview between Drucker and IndustryWeek provides an insightful and articulate article highlighting answers to some of the industries most raised questions throughout time.