As the famous old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words. So in these days of maximising productivity and efficiency, you might think that when it comes to presenting an image of your manufacturing company, a bit more camera and a bit less keyboard might be the way to go.

This article about industrial photographer Adrian Waine provides a brief insight into what it takes to create great images of your manufacturing company and its processes. Anyone who has tried that furtive walk around the shop floor with camera in hand will know that it’s not nearly as easy as it first seems. The secret to success would appear to be remarkably similar to manufacturing and engineering itself; preparation, attention to detail and hard work, with a healthy dose of know-how, talent, and experience to boot!

If you’re feeling inspired, the Institution of Engineering and Technology are running a competition looking for photographs that capture modern engineering. You can find out more details about the competition here and if you decide to have a go, good luck!