Measuring productivity is essential within manufacturing. Making the most out of machinery and labour not only ensures high-cost savings and high performance it also highlights the potential within employees. Whether you are an OEM or EMS provider, productivity should consistently be monitored so you can continuously improve your production processes resulting in further development and growth. 

The article below by How's Business provides a useful insight into how to improve performance within manufacturing. I found in particular that self-assessment was an interesting point. By encouraging staff to work on their self-awareness this can lead to them feeling more motivated and therefore more productive. The article then goes into more detail about giving employees regular feedback which ensures they continue to stay on the right track. Having informal chats with employees can be hugely beneficial; it is important to maintain and build relationships with all employees to produce a good working environment.

The article takes quite a different spin on how to improve productivity by focusing on employees, I think within the manufacturing industry, we are quite prone to just looking at machine efficiency and achieving maximum output.