In this interesting article by Trevor Hardy in People Management this week, we are reminded of the benefits of offering a robust Graduate Scheme, especially within the manufacturing arena.

To gain a leading edge in this competitive market we need to think differently about our future employees and the difference we need to see in our organisations to remain the best at what we do.

Are we capturing what this generation has to offer and tapping into their different way of thinking? Letting them be free with their ideas and giving them the responsibility to make changes to some of our archaic processes and procedures.

I would be interested to hear how other businesses are adapting their culture to engage with and make the most of these new entrepreneurs. Is it too early yet to see the benefits or are you seeing a slow progress towards a different future on the horizon?

Whatever your current thoughts this is an exciting era, the opportunity to get fresh ideas into the business and let them share the lead in shaping the future of manufacturing.